HumaSlin – Not Your Standard Glucose Disposal Agent

September 06, 2021 8 min read

HumaSlin – Not Your Standard Glucose Disposal Agent

Carbohydrates are one of the most controversial foods on the planet. The humble macronutrient has been lauded for its ability to enhance performance, please the palate, and provide one hell of a muscle pump. But on the flip side, carbs are blamed for just about everything it seems from obesity and diabetes to even economic recessions.

What’s the deal with carbs? Why are they such a dichotomy?

Well, part of the reason is that too many people overindulge on them, causing them to exclude or miss out on the other important muscle-building macronutrients (protein and fat). Another factor has to do with the simple fact that your body might not handle carbs as well as some of the more genetically gifted individuals out there. You know the kind we’re talking about — the star quarterback or the buff bro at the gym who can eat anything and everything in sight, yet never put on an ounce of fat, only lean, dense muscle mass.

If you’re not one of these genetically elite individuals, does that mean you should ditch carbs and live the low-carb lifestyle?

Not a chance.

Condemned Labz has developed the top-tier glucose disposal agent (GDA) to make carbs work for you, and not against you in HumaSlin.

“Peeling Back the Panel” with Condemned CEO Mike Jirovec

Founder and CEO of Condemned Labz, Mike Jirovec, personally formulates each and every supplement produced by Condemned Labz. He’s also a Type I Diabetic who knows all too well the struggles of battling poor glucose utilization and disposal.

Here’s what he said regarding the development and formulation of HumaSlin:

”When developing Humaslin, I used several ingredients that I have had personal experience with as a type 1 diabetic / National Level Competitive bodybuilder. Ingredients that I know worked, because I used them religiously over the years. The industry was lacking a complete GDA supplement that made sense.

Insulin is one of the most prevalent anabolic hormones the body produces. We know we couldn’t exactly replicate it. But what we did do was create a balanced formula that forces carbohydrate utilization more efficiently. The addition of the specific digestive enzymes makes this product a game changer. The faster the carbs leave your stomach, and the more digested they are, the more readily available they will be to your muscles! ” — Mike Jirovec

Now, let’s take a look at what makes HumaSlin the best glucose disposal agent on the market and how it can best serve your performance and physique goals.

HumaSlin Ingredients

HumaSlin contains a synergistic matrix of ingredients to lower blood sugar, improve insulin sensitivity, and aid digestion.

Cinnamon Bark (600mg)

If you’re a carb enthusiast, you’ve had a fair amount of exposure to this pungent spice. Cinnamon is used to top sweet potatoes, mixed into morning oatmeal, and even sprinkled onto coffee. It adds a warming taste to any food or beverage it’s included in, and also offers some great blood sugar regulating benefits. Studies have demonstrated that cinnamon consumption can decrease blood sugar, burn body fat, and even improve muscle building.[1]

Gymnema Extract (400mg)

Another popular glucose-regulating supplements is gymnema sylvestre. Found throughout southeast Asia, gymnema is a potent antidiabetic plant noted in research trials to lower blood glucose levels by improving insulin function.[2] A 2014 comprehensive review noted gymnema also improves leptin levels (helping eliminate hunger), body weight, and body mass index (BMI).[3]

Fenugreek Extract (200mg)

More frequently encountered in natural testosterone boosters that glucose disposal agents, fenugreek makes a noteworthy appearance in HumaSlin. Here’s where you begin to realize that HumaSlin is very different than the droves of other GDAs on the market.

Carbs were once the sworn enemy of lean physique, now they become your best buddy with Condemned Labz HumaSlin.

Research into fenugreek has demonstrated its effective for regulating blood sugar levels, due to its high saponin content, and a recent meta-analysis concluded the herb controls fasting blood glucose levels, 2-hour postprandial (after feeding) blood sugar levels, and HbA1c, an important marker for assessing your “average” blood sugar levels over a prolonged period of time.[4,5] FYI, HbA1c is one of the key number physicians monitor when working with diabetics.

The fact that fenugreek affects HbA1c indicates that it may offer some long-term benefits for blood sugar regulation in addition to its acute benefits.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (200mg)

Present in just about every cell of the human body, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a fatty acid that’s heavily involved in energy production. But that’s not all, it also serves as a potent antioxidant, helping to combat oxidative stress brought on by free radicals.

As for its inclusion in HumaSlin, Alpha Lipoic Acid can aid in reducing fasting blood glucose levels as well as decrease appetite.[6,7] Some research notes in may even boost energy expenditure (calorie burning), too.[8]

Got a serious post workout cheat meal following leg day? Make sure to take a serving of HumaSlin to improve digestion and truckload of carbs.

Banaba (50mg)

Banaba, also known as Lagerstroemia, is another proven commodity in the realm of glucose disposal agents. The reason banaba is so highly regarded has to do with its high corosolic acid content, which has been shown to heighten insulin sensitivity, a very good thing for nutrient partitioning, muscle growth.[10,11,12]

Vanadyl Sulfate (20mg)

Many of you may not be familiar with vanadium, an essential trace mineral and element occurring in nature that’s used to bond titanium to steel. Vanadyl sulfate is the inorganic form of vanadium, which has been explored for its powerful diabetes-combatting properties. Specifically, vanadyl sulfate serves as an insulin-mimetic, meaning it simulates (“mimics”) the effects of insulin, which helps deliver more carbohydrates and protein to your muscles, aptly disposing of blood glucose and regulating blood sugar levels.[13]

Chromium Picolinate (500mcg)

Another essential mineral in the body, chromium has been researched quite a bit in recent years for its ability to enhance insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism. Studies have demonstrated that it may improve glucose disposal[14] and stabilize blood sugar levels, helping prevent those quintessential “carb comas” that happen after acute high-carb intake.[15]

HumaSlin allows you to enjoy your cheat meal, but not feel like you’re cheating or hurting your gains.

Digestive Enzyme Blend

Can you remember the last time you saw digestive enzymes in a glucose disposal agent?

Probably never, since they’re basically never included in these type of supplements, which doesn’t make sense if you think about it. Glucose disposal agents are supposed to be taken when eating A LOT of carbohydrates. When eating such a large amount of food, aside from dealing with the hefty load of glucose headed your way, your stomach and intestines still need to be able to digest, absorb, and efficiently use the truckload of carbs you just scarfed down.

That’s why HumaSlin contains a robust digestive enzyme blend, including 5 different enzymes containing:

  • Invertase (800su)

    Invertase initiates the breakdown of sucrose (disaccharide composed of glucose and fructose). Research has also noted it offers antioxidant, antiseptic, and immune system benefits.[16]

  • Amylase (23,000du)

    Found mainly in saliva, amylase is an enzyme that kick starts starch digestion beginning with your first bite of food.

  • Pectinase (15 ends PGU)

    Enzyme that breaks down pectin, a complex sugar (polysaccharide) typically found in plants

  • Alpha Galactosidase (300GA Units)

    Alpha Galactosidase helps digest complex carbohydrates, reducing the amount of bloating, gas and stomach aches that accompany high carb intake.[17]

  • Gluco Amylase (5000du)

    The fifth and final digestive enzyme contained in HumaSlin is glucoamylase. It helps to completely digest various types of starches by severing the α-1,4 and α-1,6 bonds contained in some carbohydrates.[18]

How to Take

Consume 2 capsules with a meal containing at least 50g of carbohydrates.

Ideal Users

Basically, if you like to eat your carbs, but you’re concerned that your body might not partition them as well as you’d like, HumaSlin is for you.

That’s probably a little too basic of a description for some of you reading this, so let’s get a little more specific about some “ideal” times to take it:

  • Pre Workout: If you’re looking to seriously “carb up” before training and downing some Cluster Dextrin or a heaping helping of oatmeal, take a serving of HumaSlin alongside your pre workout carbs. This ensures all of those carbs get put to best use during your workout, plus it will help prevent any “heavy” feeling in your stomach which could hinder performance.
  • Post Workout: Insulin sensitivity is pretty high when you finish training, but why not have some added insurance that your epic post workout feast goes to repairing and building muscle and not counteracting your hard work by experiencing “spillover”. Consume one serving of HumaSlin alongside your post workout meal to maximize nutrient uptake and partitioning.


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