July 13, 2017 2 min read

The powers of Capsicum annuum ‘Cayenne’

√ Great for the stomach and the intestinal tract.

It stimulates the peristaltic motion of the intestines and aids in assimilation and elimination. When taken internally, it warms the body and has even been used by some herbalist doctors to help heal and rebuild flesh due to frostbite.

Dr. John Christopher, One of his greatest stories in his long career was how he could instantly stop a heart attack if he could get the patient to drink a glass of warm Capsicum water made with a teaspoon of cayenne.√ Escape a heart attack.

√ Antifungal properties.

Shown in some studies to be active against phomopsis and collectotrichum fungal pathogens

√ Circulatory system.

Feeds the necessary elements into the cell structure of the arteries, veins and capillaries so that these regain the elasticity of youth again, and the blood pressure adjusts itself to normal. In equalizing the blood circulation, it produces natural warmth in your body.

√ Acts as a rubefacient.

Helps the body remove toxins from the blood.

√ Stops vomiting.

Capsicum and common table salt, one half ounce of each, one pint of good vinegar, give in tablespoon doses for cholera, vomiting “cholera morbus” — the gross material associated with cholera from the system.

√ Treats snake bites.


√ Poultice for rheumatism, inflammation, pleurisy, sores and wounds.


√ Stimulant when taken internally and suppresses muscle spasms.

√ Good for kidneys, spleen and pancreas.

√ Act as an appetite suppressant while increasing total caloric calories burned.


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