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Stim Junkie Stack

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The Stim Junkie Stack was created specifically for those people who just can’t get enough energy. Combining two of the most powerful stimulant-based products on the market in Convict Stim and Arsyn, the Stim Junkie Stack is aggressive enough to give even the most hardcore stim junkie a run for his or her money. The combination of Convict Stim and Arsyn provides energy that lasts all day and night for those times when you need to be on the go non-stop.

This stack includes:

  • Arsyn
  • Convict Stim (Flavor of your choice)

WARNING: Consume these products (8) Eight Hours apart from each other. 

Arsyn: Consume one serving (i.e. two capsules) upon waking

Convict Stim: Mix one scoop into 8-16 oz of water and consumed 15-20 minutes prior to training.