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Ultimate Pump Stack

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The Ultimate Pump Stack is for the athlete looking for the biggest, nastiest muscle pump of all time. Including Convict Stim, HumaSlin, and DNA Dispatch, the Ultimate Pump Stack contains everything needed to boost nitric oxide, dilate blood vessels, and engorge your muscle with blood yielding a muscle pump like none other. Best of all, the Ultimate Pump Stack also improves actual workout performance on top of giving a sick pump!

This stack includes:

  • DNA Dispatch
  • HumaSlin
  • Convict Stim (Flavor of your choice)





Convict Stim: Mix 1 serving in 8-12 oz of water and consume 15-20 minutes prior to training

DNA Dispatch: Consume 1 serving (i.e. six capsules) along with your serving of Convict Stim

HumaSlin: Consume 1 serving (i.e. two capsules) along with your pre workout meal.