I am Husband to a very loving wife, a father of two handsome boys, and a dad to two very large dogs. I worked for the power company in my hometown of Chicago, IL for 13 years as a lineman/splicer. After all those of years of working a very dangerous job and working outside in the harsh elements, I decided to take a leap of faith and move my family down to Arizona and start my own online fitness business. I work online as nutrition coach for lifestyle and contest prep clients and I also personal train people out of my 1200sq ft gym located in my garage. I am a competitive national level amateur bodybuilder in the NPC and am looking to earn my pro card status in the near future.

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I’ve always been into fitness to some degree, I was a division 1 baseball player till I was 21. I went through a rough patch for about 10yrs where I was in and out of training and creating bad eating and life habits. In 2015 I weighed over 320lbs and was severely out of shape, I decided to start training again more seriously, but I was still lost and had no real guidance. 2016 I landed in the hospital due to arrhythmia( atrial flutter in the heart) and pneumonia which had me hospitalized for 13 days. After I got out I decided that that was my sign to stop what I was doing and take my health more serious. I started eating and training like a bodybuilder and then one day in 2017 I said I might as well compete, as I was missing the competitive edge that I missed from baseball. So I wound up doing my first show in 2018, places 2nd at my first two shows and ever since then I’ve been hooked.


What’s your source of inspiration? My source of inspiration are my kids and wife, I want to make sure that I make them proud and lead by example as to what a great dad is supposed to be. My parents who have always been supportive of anything and everything I do and have taught me how to be an honest person. And my friends, family and Social media family who remind me every day that I inspire them and keep them motivated. I am blessed to be in this position to help inspire and motivate people to be better.


Usually Chick-fil-A, two spicy chicken sandwiches, two large waffle fries, 6 pack of chocolate chips cookies and a large Coke Zero(lol).



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